The Toasted Hostess

Wine tasting, wine and food paring, wine terminology, wine cork crafts and wine destinations are just a few of the subjects we plan to tackle over time on Welcome to our site! We hope you check back often as we deliver new material and resources to the world of wine.  My name is Karen and I along with several of my amateur and professional wine connoisseur friends will contribute our knowledge, our passion and our toast to your enjoyment, and best of all, all fun and all for free!   

Our goal is to help all levels of wine drinkers, party planners, amateur chefs, wine destination travelers and those who are interested in the science of how wine is made to have yet another tool in their resource bag that they can use. If you have a question that we can help answer, contact us. We are happy to assist you with our collective knowledge.  If it helps you, we know it will help others too.         

So whether you are looking for a winery to visit, a special recipe to serve for company, advice on how to host a wine tasting party,  or seeking crafts that will help to use up your wine corks, please check here  and check here often.  Our goal is to help promote education, fun and tourism in the wine industry.